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Access Code Help

Reminder Before opening any code, utilize your free trial period. Trial periods vary by publisher, so check to see how long you have to use the program for free before opening a non-returnable product.

The world of online homework managers is complex and often confusing. Weโ€™ve put together this page of videos to help you understand and navigate your way through the various programs you may be utilizing in your classes to do homework, turn in assignments, and improve your learning experience. We hope that having this resource saves you time and that you find the information useful. Before watching the videos, there are a few things to know that will help you from becoming frustrated.

  1. Before opening or attempting to access any online homework manager, attend class first. You should be given all the information you need to successfully begin using this software in class.
  2. If there is any chance you may drop the course, most programs offer a free trial period. Use it. If you open the access code, both the code and your textbook are not returnable even if you drop the course.
  3. In general, three things are usually needed to access your software: a URL or course code, a valid email address, an access code (usually purchased at the bookstore or included with your textbook)
  4. In the event that something doesnโ€™t work, almost every publisher provides an online chat service or 24/7 phone support. This should be the first place you go for help.
  5. If you are trying to access a VitalSource or Redshelf ebook purchased through the book store, check your email for your reciept. Both VitalSource and Redshelf have moved to a code-less model where the ebook is tied to the email you purchased it with. To redeem the ebook you create an account with the same email address used to purchase the ebook, and the ebook then appears when you login. 

Getting Started Vidoes

Connect and ConnectPlus Videos (published by McGraw-Hill)


MyLab and Mastering Videos (published by Pearson)

Getting Started Success Stories How to use

Aplia Video (published by Cengage)

Registering and Getting Started

Mindtap Video (published by Cengage)

Registering and Getting Started

Cengage Unlimited

Please visit the Cengage Frequently Asked Questions page for information on Cengage Unlimited.