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CU Book Access, CU Boulder’s equitable access course materials program, provides degree-seeking undergraduate students access to all of their required course materials before the first day of class for a one-time flat-rate price.

Where do I find my materials?

Your materials will be located inside of Canvas, under a tab labelled "My Course Materials". 


When you see a book tagged as "ebook", these can be opened and read. For the books that are tagged "Physical" you will receive an email from the CU Book Store letting you know your physical books are ready or this information can be found on your My Course Materials tab in Canvas. Bring that email, which will contain a QR code to the store or your Buff OneCard (located in the UMC) and follow signs to the In-Store Pickup area, where staff will help you locate your books. 


Click the "Read Now" button to read the eBook:


I do not need these course materials, how do I opt-out?

You can easily opt-out by going to Canvas and clicking into the "My Course Materials" tab on the right. Next click onto the current term. Next click the "View Opting Plans" button at the top of the screen. Note this must be done on a web browser, not the Canvas app. The next screen will offer you "a la carte" options if you only want to purchase certain books. If you opt-out please be aware you will also lose access to the materials after the opting date. For courses where you are using an ebook and courseware like MyLab, please check with your instructor to make sure you will not need the courseware before opting out.


You have the choice to either use CU Book Access for a flat rate for all your courses, or choose books "a la carte" through the Day 1 Digital Access option. You'll see this screen in Canvas and you can determine which program you want to use. 


If you chose CU Book Access in the above screen, you are all set!

If you chose Day 1 Digital Access on the previous screen, you will now need to opt-out of individual books by reviewing all your assigned books and then clicking the "Opt out" button on any that you do not want. 


Have a question about the ereader?

Please contact RedShelf:

Have a question about how to launch courseware such as Cengage Unlimited, MyLab, MyLab and Mastering, Connect, etc. ?

Have a question on accessing your ebooks, courseware, or physical materials? 

Accessing "My Shelf" Through Canvas :     

Managing Opting into Day 1 Digital Access :     

Accessing Your eBooks in "My Shelf":     

Accessing Courseware from "My Shelf":     

Accessing Physical Materials:     

Getting Help:    

Billing Questions

Please email for billing questions. 

Question not covered here?

Please email and we'll help you out!

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