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Where do I find my materials? Your materials will be located inside of Canvas, under a tab labelled "My Course Materials". See screenshot below:


If you see a book tagged as "ebook", these can be opened and read. For the books that are tagged "Physical" there is a link to purchase from 

Click the "Read Now" button to read the eBook:


I do not need these course materials, how do I opt-out? You can easily opt-out by going to: Canvas on a computer or a web browser on a phone (not the Canvas app) and click the "My Course Materials" tab. Open each digital item and you will see an "Opt Out" button (see screenshot). If you opt-out please be aware you will also lose access to the materials after the opting date. For courses where you are using an ebook and courseware like MyLab, please check with your instructor to make sure you will not need the courseware before opting out. You will need to use a web browser to opt-out rather than the Canvas app. 


Second screen of opt-out: click the "Continue" button


That's it! You'll briefly see a message at the bottom of your screen confirming you've opted out of that material.

Have a question about the ereader? Please contact RedShelf:

Have a question about how to launch courseware such as Cengage Unlimited, MyLab, MyLab and Mastering, Connect, etc. ?

Have a question on accessing your ebooks, courseware, or physical materials? Accessing "My Shelf" Through Canvas : 

Managing Opting into Day 1 Digital Access : 

Accessing Your eBooks in "My Shelf": 

Accessing Courseware from "My Shelf": 

Accessing Physical Materials: 

Getting Help:  

Billing Questions? Please email for billing questions. 

Question not covered here? Please email and we'll help you out!  

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