In-Person Orders

1 min. readlast update: 11.08.2023

How it works:

Follow signs to "Textbooks" and then follow signs to "Place Order Here". You'll see several kiosks.

You can use these kiosks to login with your IdentiKey and then place an order through the website. If you need any assistance, there will be staff at the kiosks to help with order placing.

When your order is ready you will receive an email with a status update. Once you receive the email come in store and grab your order at in-store pick up. To pick up your order please bring your Buff OneCard.

What do I do if a required textbook is out of stock?

We recommend placing the order through the website anyways. Once it is back in stock, we will fill your order first.

How do I pay for my order?

You'll be prompted at checkout to either use a credit card or bill to your Tuition and Fee bill.

What do I do if I want all eBooks?

We recommend placing an order online. When eBooks are ordered online, they are emailed to you immediately do you don’t have to wait for us to process your in-person order.

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