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Opting Out of D1DA

How to Opt-Out of Day 1 Digital Access

There are several ways students can opt-out of Day 1 Digital Access, before the opt-out deadline. Students will lose access to the materials after the add/drop date. For courses where they are using an ebook and courseware like MyLab, please check with the instructor to make sure the material will not be needed before opting out. 

Opt-Out Options:  

  1. Use the link provided in the email(s) received about Day 1 Digital Access.  
  2. Directly from the VitalSource website: https://courses.vitalsource.com/
  3. From their course Canvas web page. 
  4. Email the CU Book Store at digital@cubookstore.com.  


Detailed instructions for each option are located below, as well as a video showing how to opt-out:

Email Containing Opt-Out Link:

  1. Access the link in the email(s) received about the program. The emails were sent from digital@cubookstore.com and have the subject β€œDay 1 Digital Access.” 

Directly from the VitalSource website: 

  1. Go to: https://courses.vitalsource.com/ 
  2. Search for the course 
  3. Click the β€œWant to opt-out?” button 

Choose the reason for opting-out and then click β€œOpt Out.” 


Course Canvas Page: 


Email the CU Book Store: 

  1. Email the CU Book Store at digital@cubookstore.com.  
  2. Please include your name, SID number, and the class abbreviation (ie, ACCT 3210) and book that you do not want