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Renting Textbooks

The goal of our rental programs is to provide our customers with an additional cost-saving option for their textbook purchases. The few books that are not rentable at the CU Book Store may be custom editions, include one-time-use software, and have other similar characteristics. We strive to make as many titles rentable as possible.

  • If a textbook can be rented this will show up as an option while ordering online.
  • You can highlight and write in all rental books!
  • Every student must agree to the rental agreement before renting textbooks.
  • Rentals are returned at the end of each semester to the Book Store. Failure to do so will result in a fee billed to the student account.

Returning rentals

  • In addition to the rental agreement, students can opt into email and text notifications letting them know when their textbook must be returned. This date is usually shortly after finals end.
  • Rentals can be returned in store anytime up until the rental deadline.
  • You may also mail your rental back to us using the address below. Please include your contact information and identikey (4 letters, 4 numbers at the beginning of your email).
    • CU Book Store 
    • 36 UCB Boulder, CO 80309

What if I want to keep my rental book?

  • If you decide you want to keep your rental after the rental deadline, we can convert the rental to a purchase! This must be done before the rental deadline has passed.
  • Just come into the store or give us a call and weโ€™ll charge you the difference between the rental price and the full retail price. You will pay the same as if you simply bought the book in the first place.

What if I donโ€™t return my rental by the deadline?

  • All rentals not returned by the deadline will be charged to your tuition and fees bill. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any rentals after the deadline.
  • If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from returning your books, please contact us at assist@cubookstore.com BEFORE THE RENTAL DEADLINE.
  • If you did not return your rentals and the deadline has passed, you have been charged and now own the books. If you would like to try and recoup some of this cost, you are welcome to come in store and try to sell them back to us.