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Returning Textbooks

See here for our complete return policy . For any extenuating circumstances or withdrawals from the university please contact us directly.

  • For the Fall or Spring semester weeks 1-4, you may return textbooks for 100% refund with your receipt.
  • All other times you may return items within 2 business days and receive 75% in-store credit.
  • In the summer we offer 100% refund with a receipt for days 1-3 of the session you are enrolled in.

Returns can be processed in store or via mail using the address below:

CU Book Store 


36 UCB Boulder

CO 80309

Can I return an opened access card or shrink-wrapped item?

  • Some shrink-wrapped items may still be returned. These must be in original condition with all items present and may be subject to a shrink-wrapping fee.
  • We recommend using the trial for any online access before using an access code in case you need to return it.
  • Access cards are not returnable once scratched or opened.