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Ordering Textbooks

Can I order my textbooks online and pick them up at the CU Bookstore?

Yes, but please allow approximately two business days from the time you made your order for it to be processed. WE WILL SEND AN ORDER STATUS UPDATE EMAIL WHEN YOUR ORDER IS READY TO BE PICKED UP. Please bring a copy of the email, and a picture ID to the customer service desk. We appreciate your business! 

Can I have textbooks shipped to my dorm, a Boulder address, or out of state?

Yes, we can ship to any address. Normal shipping rates apply. 

I ordered some textbooks online, but not all were shipped. Where are my textbooks?

If you chose not to have new books substituted for used books in the โ€œUsed Book Substitution Policyโ€ popup while creating your order and we did not have a used copy then we will cancel that book off your order. 

I placed an order online. When can I expect to receive my textbooks?

That depends partly on what shipping method you chose, partly on when you placed your order. The CU Book Store online order fulfillment department is not open on weekends. Orders placed between close on Friday and 8:00am Monday morning will not be processed until Monday. It is our goal to ship orders in a timely manner. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive your order if you chose UPS shipping.