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Purchasing Textbooks

How do I purchase my textbooks?

Option 1: Order textbooks online

  • First, login or create an account at https://www.cubookstore.com/.  
  •   Once you're logged in, go to the Books > Order Textbooks menu item (https://www.cubookstore.com/c-71-order-textbooks.aspx)and choose either Order Textboooks or Preorder. 
  • Books can be shipped to you or picked up in-store.
  • If you need help, look in the bottom right corner for the chat pop-up, and a textbook specialist can help you find what you need.  

  Option 2: Come into the Textbook Department

  • Come into the store with your course schedule and use the Textbook Department Floor Map. Bring your BuffOne card and swipe it at one of the kiosks to print off a book list.  

Watch a Video on Ordering Your Books Online

Why are textbooks so expensive?

For a breakdown of a typical textbook dollar, see NACS PDF on where the new textbook dollar goes.  

Why and when do you start returning textbooks to publishers?

To help us prepare for the next semester, the CU Bookstore must return all overstock to the publishers, in order to have empty shelf space when the textbooks for next semester arrive. It is highly advisable that you purchase all of the textbooks you need at the beginning of the semester, because textbook returns begin about six weeks after classes start. If we sell out of (or return) copies of a textbook or reprint that you need, please come to the textbook desk and place a pre-paid special order. 

Are there any discounts or coupons I can use on textbooks?


How can I pay for my textbooks?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, checks (with a valid ID), Buff Gold, and cash. Students can also bill to their Tuition and Fee Bill. It is absolutely essential that you save your receipts all semester in case you need to return or exchange a textbook for any reason. Please see our return policy

My parents want to pay for my textbooks. How can they do that?

Your parents can...

  • ...come to the bookstore with you and pay for your textbooks at that time.
  • ...order your textbooks online and have them shipped to the address of your choice. 

I am not a CU student. Can I purchase one of your textbooks?


I’m shopping for my textbooks at the beginning of the semester, but you don’t have them. Why not?

A few possibilities:

  • The instructor will not be using a textbook or has chosen an alternative to a traditional book, e.g. online resources.
  • The instructor did not get their required textbook information to us by our deadline.
  • Even though we have ordered them, the textbooks have not arrived yet. Check back later.
  • The instructor has not yet told us which textbooks they want to use.
  • The publisher we have ordered the textbooks from is out of stock and we must wait until they can get or print more.

I’m still looking for one of my textbooks several weeks into the semester, but your shelves are empty. How can I get a textbook?

If it appears we've sold out, come to the textbook desk and place a pre-paid special order. The textbook desk can also tell if there is a problem with the textbook you need which is why it might not be on our shelves.