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Renting Textbooks

Where can I check-in my rentals?

The textbook rental check-in deadline for fall course materials is December 18, 2020. The Spring 2021 is deadline May 7, 2021. Books can be returned in-person during store hours, or can be shipped. Please check your Colorado.edu email for more information or contact assist@cubookstore.com 

What is the goal of the rental program?

The goal of our rental programs is to provide our customers with an additional cost-saving option for their textbook purchases. 

Where can I find the rental agreement?

Please read the rental agreement before you rent textbooks. 

What are my options for renting books from the CU Book Store?

  1. Come into the store and one of the knowledgeable staff in our Textbook department will be eager to help you. After finding an eligible book, proceed to any of our cashiers and prior to beginning the check-out process, let them know which books you want to rent.
  2. Enter your course schedule on our web site. If your book can be rented, a rental option will be available. 

Why are some books not rentable at the CU Book Store?

The few books that are not rentable at the CU Book Store may be custom editions,include one-time use software, and have other similar characteristics. We strive to make as many titles rentable as possible. 

Can I write or highlight in a rented book?


What happens if I damage a rented textbook, like drop it in the bathtub?

A customer who brings back a book too damaged to re-sell (water damage, pages falling out, binding ripped, etc.) must pay the difference between the rented price and the used price. This option is available prior to the return deadline. If the customer decides not to return a damaged book, then the customer is responsible for the replacement cost, which is the full, used price of the book. This is in addition to any rental fees they have already paid. For the penalty, we always charge the credit card used to rent the book, which may be their parents’ credit card. 

If I change my mind during the semester and decide I want to keep my rented textbook, can I buy it?

Yes, just come into the store and we’ll charge you the difference between therental price and the full retail price. You will pay the same as if you simply bought the book in the first place.