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Textbook Sellback

What determines which books are being bought back and how much cash you’ll receive for them?

  • Whether or not the book is being used on campus next term
    • If YES: The CU Book Store pays the highest prices for those books that are being used the following semester. In some cases, we will pay as much as 60% of the new price.
    • If NO: Do not assume your book has little value. We examine every sold title every semester and try to buy that title back for as much money as we can based on market conditions. Additionally, we have a national wholesaler come in during sellback week and they pay up to 35% of new based on those same conditions.
  • The condition of the book
  • Whether or not there is a new edition of the book
  • Course enrollment numbers
  • CU Book Store does buy loose-leaf textbooks if the book is being used next semester
  • Whether or not the book has all of its pieces (CDs, kit, etc., if applicable) *Missing items may mean less money

When is textbook Sellback?

Each semester we post the hours on our website as soon as we have finalized the dates: https://www.cubookstore.com/c-322-sellback-textbooks.aspx 

What is the difference between returning a textbook and "Sellback"?

You can return a textbook for full price before our return deadline, but some conditions apply. You can sell your textbooks back to the store during Sellback, generally conducted at the end of each semester, but you will not get the same amount you paid for the textbook. 

How much will I get for my textbooks at Sellback?

We do not give price quotes on textbooks over the phone. The Sellback price is affected by many factors including whether or not a textbook will be used in the next semester, how many copies are needed, and the publisher-suggested retail price. Not all textbooks can be sold back to the bookstore. It is best to sell your textbooks back early during the end-of-semester Sellback. 

If I purchase a textbook used, does it affect what I'll get for it during Sellback? If I purchased a shrink-wrapped textbook or package of books, but never opened it, does that affect what I’ll get for it at Sellback?

No. Sellback rates are determined by whether that particular textbook and edition will be used the following semester, how many copies are needed, and the current publisher-suggested retail price. Additionally, your textbook must be in reasonable condition. We do not Sellback textbooks that are falling apart or have any water damage. 

Is there an advantage to selling my textbooks during Sellback?

Yes. Selling your textbooks during the Sellback period at the end of each semester will bring the premium price for your texts. It is best to sell your textbooks early during Sellback, as top dollar is paid only for the number of titles needed to "fill an order." For example, assume ten copies of Lycanthropy are needed for next semester’s course. You happen to be the tenth person selling this textbook during Sellback. Lucky you! You will receive $25 for it. However, since only ten copies were needed, the person behind you with the eleventh copy only receives $2. 

Is it better to sell at the end of the semester or beginning?

Sellback at the end of the semester is the best time to sell your textbooks. This is the period when the CU Book Store purchases used texts for the next semester, and you have the best opportunity to receive top dollar for your textbooks. You can also sell your textbooks to publishers at the beginning of each semester. Typically, prices offered for textbooks are less during this time.

You can also sell your textbooks back any time year-round by taking them to the Customer Service counter in the CU Book Store. Prices offered during this time tend to be lower than other Sellback periods. Additionally, fewer titles are typically purchased at this time. 

What can I do with textbooks that you won’t Sellback?

Sometimes we cannot Sellback certain textbooks, but we make book donations on a regular basis to various charitable organizations that supply libraries and educators in prisons, Native American reservations, third world countries, etc. During Sellback we accept book donations.