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Used Textbooks

Does the CU Book Store sell used textbooks?

Yes! You can save money by purchasing used textbooks. Used titles are sold at 25% less than the current retail price and the CU Book Store has the largest stock of used textbooks in the Boulder area. 

Can I buy all my textbooks used?

Not Always. Although we try to stock as many used textbooks as possible, they sell out first and availability is limited. If a professor is using a brand new edition for the class or requires CDs or pin codes that we can only get with new textbooks from the publisher, then used textbooks won’t be available at all in that title. 

Can I buy used textbooks online?

Yes! After a textbook selection is made there will be an option to purchase the used edition if the textbook is available used. The CU Book Store reserves the right to substitute new textbooks for used or used textbooks for new, depending on availability at the time the order is pulled. If you do not wish to have any substitutions, please indicate "no substitutions please" in the “Special Shipping Instructions” box while completing your order. Please note that if you indicate “no substitutions please,” we will ship nothing if your preference is not available. 

If I purchase a textbook used, does it affect what I'll get for buy back?

No. Buy back rates are determined by whether that particular textbook and edition will be used the following semester, and how many copies are needed.