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Using the Course List Builder

  • First log into www.cubookstore.com and then on the Courselist Builder page, start with either entering your Identikey (4-letters, 4-numbers) and authenticating your schedule or by entering each manually.
    • Please note: if you are waitlisted for a class and want to see the textbooks, you must add them manually.
  • The options available in each drop-down are the options the book may be purchased as, including New, Used, and eBooks for several textbooks.
  • My course requires a ‘No Text Required Option’. What is this?
    • This is the professor letting us know they will not be requiring any textbooks for that class, as opposed to never telling us. You do not need to purchase anything from us!
  • One is coming up, but I can’t click on the dropdown.
    • If this is titled “Day 1 Digital Access”, please refer to the Day 1 Digital Access section.
  • How do I know if I need each book?
    • The books will say above each listing whether they are “Optional”, “Required”, or “Book Store Recommended”.
  • What do I do if the course says select 1 of the following?
    • This usually means you can choose between a physical copy, an access code, an eBook, or some combination of those.
    • Pick the version you feel most comfortable with as each option will provide all the materials necessary for success. Some people are more familiar with physical copies whereas some people prefer a lighter load to carry around.
    • Only select one of the options to avoid paying a heavy price for the same materials.
  • Click the checkout button to the side and complete the process by selecting to either have your textbooks shipped to you or ready in In-Store Pickup.