Troubleshooting: Blank Screen or Loading Screen

2 min. readlast update: 11.08.2023

 Your “My Course Materials” page in Canvas should contain all of the digital materials for your courses. 

 If you are encountering a blank screen or a screen with a continuously loading icon, that could be a sign of outdated browsing data.  


 We recommend the following steps to refresh your browsing data: 

  1. Log out of Canvas 
  2. Clear your browser's cookies and site data (You can find specific instructions for your browser here: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)  
  3. If trouble still persists, you may also want to clear your browser entirely or try a different browser  

 Check Your Computer’s Time Zone 

If you have manually set your computer’s time zone, this can also interfere with some of the technology used to facilitate your shelf. You may want to ensure that you have set your machine’s time zone to update automatically instead. 

For Windows 

For Windows 10 and above, you can access your date and time settings by right-clicking on the clock on your taskbar or by navigating to Start > Settings > Time & language > Date & time.  

 You’ll want to ensure that “Set time zone automatically” is checked:  


 For Mac 

For Mac, navigate to Apple menu > System Settings > General > Date & Time.

You’ll want to turn on “Set time zone automatically using your current location.” 


If you are still having issues accessing your “My Course Materials” page after these steps, please contact RedShelf so they can investigate further. 

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