Troubleshooting: Missing Material from “My Course Materials”

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

  Your “My Course Materials” page in Canvas should contain all of the digital materials for your courses.

Clear Browsing Data

If you are missing some or all of the materials for your courses from your “My Course Materials” page, that could be a sign of outdated browsing data. We sync information regularly, so if you attempt to access your materials at the exact moment data is refreshing or before the latest update on your account is posted, you may find those digital materials missing.

We recommend the following steps to refresh your browsing data:

  1.   Log out of Canvas 
  2. Clear your browser's cookies and site data (You can find specific instructions for your browser here: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)   
  3. If trouble still persists, you may also want to clear your browser entirely or try a different browser 

 If you are still missing materials after these steps, please contact RedShelf so they can investigate further.  

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