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About Day 1 Digital Access

Have a question or issue with Day 1 Digital Access? Email us at digital@cubookstore.com and our digital access expert can help!

As part of our continued efforts to keep the cost of course materials as low as possible and access to those materials as close to the first day of class as possible, professors, the CU Book Store and publishers work together to deliver select materials through a program called “Day 1 Digital Access”. These digital course materials are accessed through the Learning Management System.

The advantage to this method of course materials delivery is twofold. First, every student in the course has access to the materials immediately. Second, the CU Book Store will bill students for these materials on their tuition and fee bill at a negotiated low price unavailable to the general public.

What does this mean for students?

  1. If they are enrolled in a course using Day 1 Digital Access materials, they do not need to take action unless they wish to opt out of the materials.
  2. If they opt out they must do so by the deadline or they will be charged for the materials. Students can opt out (which means they don’t pay for anything, but lose all access to the materials, including homework tools) by using the link in the email they received with the subject-line “Day 1 Digital Access”.
  3. Please keep in mind that “opting out” means access to these materials will be turned off and students may have no way to complete assignments.
  4. Students MUST opt out no later than:
  • Course drop deadline for fall and spring semesters
  • Third class day for summer terms

Any student who opts out will receive an email confirming they have opted out.

If you see a ‘Day 1 Digital Crs Material’ charge on your tuition and fee bill, you can correlate this with several emails from us with the subject line containing ‘Day 1 Digital Access’. You also should have received information about the program from your professor and your class syllabus.

Day 1 Digital Access charges will usually show on either the second or third bill of the semester. They are billed after the course drop deadline to give students the maximum amount of time to make choices about their course schedule and for students to have a chance to opt out and pursue other course material formats.

If you received a refund (from financial aid or for other reasons), the Bursar cannot hold refunds in anticipation of future charges. If a charge does come on the bill after you received a refund, you are responsible for paying the additional charges.