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Day 1 Digital Access FAQs


Where do I find my materials?

Your materials will be located inside of Canvas, under a tab labelled "Course Materials".

Some courseware, usually for labs, has their own additional tab in Canvas. The title of the tab varies, but “MyLab” is a common one. 


Do I need to buy these items that say [Day 1 Digital Access] on my book list www.cubookstore.com?

No, you do not need to purchase this item when it shows up on your book list on our website. These [Day 1 Digital Access] items will be automatically delivered to your Canvas site on the first day of class, and your instructor will go over how to access it with you. The charge for these items will be sent in an email, and will appear on your Student Tuition and Fee bill. 

I am getting a “Launch Unsuccessful” message!

This is usually a browser problem. You can try using a different browser than your usual one or VitalSource can help you troubleshoot this: https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052630174-VitalSource-LTI-Tool-Cookie-Issues 


I do not need these course materials, how do I opt-out?

You can easily opt-out by going to: https://courses.vitalsource.com/. Click the "Want to Opt-Out?" button, then confirm your opt-out on the next page, and you will not be charged. You will also lose access to the materials after the add/drop date. For courses where you are using an ebook and courseware like MyLab, please check with your instructor to make sure you will not need the courseware before opting out.

You’ll also receive about 4 emails about the deadline to opt-out, and those emails will contain the opt-out links. 

My book stopped working after the Add/Drop deadline and I did not Opt-Out

To reinstate the license, please open the book through Canvas in the course materials section for this class. 

The BookShelf App is not working

Please contact VitalSource Support: https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-us

Email: support@vitalsource.com

Call: 1-855-200-4146

VitalSource Support is available 24/7 and can troubleshoot most issues

If Bookshelf is not working, please try accessing your materials from within Canvas.

Help with Cengage Unlimited

Cengage’s video on initial setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1v-o8n9WIE

Call: 1-800-354-9706

Billing Questions

Please email assist@cubookstore.com for billing questions. 

Question not covered here?

Please email digital@cubookstore.com and we'll help you out!